Short Intro

Being mindful of our needs (MFN) is taking the mindfulness practice of Buddhism and extending it specifically to include our needs. In this context needs are universal to all humans and sustain life. I would even say they are the guiding energies of life, the tools nature (or God) use to communicate what we need to stay alive, propagate, prosper and be happy. You could even call these needs divine.

When I bring these divine needs into my awareness,  especially when I am triggered or challenged, I often find a container of compassion and understanding so vast that I feel safe, held and in choice, almost without exception. When I see life through the prism of the needs I am trying to meet–needs like safety, love, connection, community, growth, etc–it is much easier for me to have self acceptance and for my inner critic to quiet down.  When I look for the needs others are trying to meet, even with actions I do not agree with, my heart opens and my judgmental mind relaxes.

All of this does not happen immediately, but progress begins as soon as there is a willingness to dig a little deeper and connect to what is alive within us.

This website offers a detailed discussion of how needs and mindfulness can interact in a way that can bring us the peace, compassion and presence we long for. I hope you find this practice helpful.

With love and generosity,

Jim Forbes